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Having trouble visualizing an effective stroke? Flippers contains brilliant above and below water images to give you a clear mental picture of what to do at any point in the stroke.


Tired of getting kicked in the face? Filled with stroke analysis and technique tips, Flippers will show you how to swim like a Triathlon World Champion.


Can't afford private lessons or costly DVDs? Written by a coach who has taught thousands of people to swim, Flippers offers all the benefits of an instructional video without the price tag.


Looking for a creative way to show your athletes exactly what you’re talking about? Flippers animates the high elbow catch, proper breathing technique, and rhythm of a 6-beat kick.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Flippers Book #1
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Sheila Taormina

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Flippers donates a portion of all proceeds raised from this book to help bring clean water to people in Haiti.



"I have found the Flippers book to be a great learning tool. I use it with both our elite swimmers, and also hundreds of campers this summer. It's a gigantic help swimming "long" and providing the swimmers great visual clues to what they should be working on at various points in their stroke. I highly recommend it."

Jack Bauerle, University of Georgia Head Coach
and 2008 US Women’s Olympic Team Head Coach

“Flippers are truly AMAZING! We have been reading and learning from it each day. When I told Anthony (who just turned 6) that Sheila started swimming at age 6, his eyes lit up! We told him he could be an Olympian, too. The facts, info, layout, and pictures are so awesome and compact. We love it!”

Marianne Roman, mother of 3 in Vienna, Virginia

“The Flippers book is perfect for self-directed adult swimmers who are looking for ways to improve their technique. Thousands of people use swimming as therapy for chronic joint pain, and the Flippers book provides fantastic guidance at a very low cost.”

Dr. Peter Kangos, Austin, TX

“I can’t stop flipping it!”

Addy A., age 10

"The Flippers book is the perfect tool to fill the void between reading/talking about technique and actually seeing it. Not only can a swimmer study a still-image on a page, but that swimmer can also see the concept of rhythm in action. Rhythm is critical to endurance sports such as swimming. Every body part must be connected and in synch with the body-core, and Flippers is the only tool I have ever seen that captures this. The fact that it is captured above and below water simultaneously makes it even more remarkable."

Sheila Taormina, Olympic Gold Medalist and
Triathlon World Champion

"I'm always being asked as a coach what freestyle should look like. I'm finding the Flippers book to be a great on-deck tool to help swimmers get the visual aspect right in the pool, which can't really be done with video. Of all the products on the market right now that I'm aware of, Flippers does the best job in helping the swimmer integrate all the stroke tips and corrections that I give them."

Kevin Koskella, Triathlon swim coach

“Hey Coach Greg, I showed your flipbook to two of my friends on the team and they tried some of the techniques in the book. They both knocked 2 seconds off their 50 freestyle times!”

Max C., age 10